Referencing and SEO: What is the difference?

  • April 29, 2022
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Referencing and SEO: What is the difference? More and more we hear the expressions “I need SEO optimization” or “I want to do SEO on my site.” Although the terms SEO and search engine optimization have become widely known and used, their respective meanings are not fully understood.

In this issue, we would like to clarify exactly what these terms mean and let you know.

What exactly is SEO?

  • What is needed for a site (one or the other? Both?)
  • Finding a good agency/freelancer that meets your exact needs
  • So is there a difference between SEO and references? (spoiler: yes!)

SEO: General Definition

References have been around for a long time. They are to be registered/presented in directories and listings. These listings can be general or specialized. No matter how these lists are ranked, the names that appear on them are listed.

A friend says, “I know a kinda nice restaurant: ……” When you say. I call up a list of “slightly better restaurants” in my head.

When you go to the front desk of a hotel on holiday and ask for a recommendation for a “cultural place”. You choose to use his list and referrals and call and ask him questions instead of others. You choose to ask that question because you know that his answer is more accurate and more demonstrative because of his work.



As far as I can remember, there are millions of listings out there, and not all of their creators/referrers are equal in finding the information they want. If you are looking for a good restaurant, you will probably listen to your most gastronomically inclined friend. That person is qualified to give restaurant referrals because he or she knows a lot of restaurants. However, he or she will not ask for advice on a good supplementary school. Rather, you would ask the make-up artist because he or she is an “authority in the field.”

Being Referenced: Working to be Referenced

Some sites have developed a good reputation. As in the examples of gourmet food and makeup artists, these sites have become authorities in a certain field. Sites are all ranked higher or lower on the “domain authority scale,” which is determined by the weight they occupy in a given domain.

Working in SEO means striving to become a reference in a particular field.

For example, AloCine is a standard bearer for French movie sites. It is a site that many people visit to find out which movie to watch this week and to learn about the best movies.

As a general rule, if you are a reference in a certain field, you will appear higher in the organic search engines in that field.

You don’t have to be a star, a multinational, or a company that everyone knows about to be a reference. If an audience in a particular field reads you, listens to you, follows you, and trusts you, you become a “reference” to that group.

Google is a search engine reference. This means that its rankings are considered the best and most relevant in the area of site search.

How to be “referenced”?

A large part of the work of references is to indicate their existence, especially by registering them in directories.

Google is a meta-search engine and one of the most highly used directories in our civilization. Billions of web pages are indexed. The ranking provided for a query is based on thousands of notation points. It works through a very complex algorithm that is constantly evolving.

However, just being present in the listings is enough to be “referenced”. To appear in the directory, one must be registered.

To be referenced, therefore, is to be present in the reference list. The placement order you occupy in this list depends not on your registration, but on your optimization.

This is where SEO and SEO company comes in.


How does SEO work?

In order to perform SEO, you obviously need to be registered and have your presence known by various search engines and directories. This can be done automatically or on a registration basis.

Optimization is built in from the beginning. You need to do certain work on the search engines on the one hand, and on the code and content of your site on the other.

This work must continue over time so that the engines consider you still active and a leader in your field. Therefore, this optimization work is studied to ensure that important information about you stands out; SEO must be done well so that potential users will want to click on your site. This work allows the user to stay on your platform for as long as it takes to perform the expected action (read, click, register, call, etc.).

SEO Paid search engine optimization what is it?

With paid search engine advertising (SEA), you pay the Google advertising agency to appear on the first page via the “Ad” section.

Control C does not create SEA campaigns. Our work focuses on sustainability of results, which SEA does not allow. We are experts in SEO. SEO requires specific technical skills.

We will dedicate a separate article to the difference between SEO and advertising. SEO and SEA are often confused with each other, although they are two completely different activities.

Control C implements SEO strategies. We aim for stable and especially sustainable results for you.

You don’t say “get to the top of Google”? Then don’t say “do SEO optimization” anymore either. That’s a pleonasm you use when you don’t really understand the work of SEO (which is no longer the case with you thanks to this article 😉 ). If you have interlocutors who call themselves “SEO experts” and use such expressions, you should think about their level of competence.

You don’t do SEO optimization, you optimize your search engine optimization or work on your SEO.

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