Conversion Rate Optimization Services

  • February 11, 2022
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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion means making a user or website visitor complete a specific goal. These goals can range from smaller actions like signing up for a newsletter (micro-conversion) to larger actions such as purchasing a product (macro-conversion). The act of completion of a website goal is called conversion

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an organized process that prompts the visitors of a website to take the desired action. This action can either be clicking on the add to cart button, signing up for emails, or even simply filling out a form to become a member. This systematic process involves analysing user behaviors, how they move through the website, which layouts they prefer, and which ones might deter them from proceeding. By understanding all these factors, you can significantly increase the number of visitors to your website and also improve the user experience.

What Are The Three Essential Elements Of CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is based on several factors which play a role in generating the best possible user experience. To have a high conversion rate, a website needs to be well-designed and prompt the user traffic to move in the desired direction. Three main elements need to be addressed when you are trying to improve user experience on your website 

The Content

The first and most important aspect of conversion rate optimization is the content. Users will click on your webpage for a particular type of content. To ensure user satisfaction, it is essential that your website displays the information, product, or service in an optimal manner. Every visitor entering your website is a potential customer. If the content marketing of your web page is engaging, the consumer is more likely to visit again and talk about it with their friends and family. 

the content

A major part of the content displayed on the website includes the text. There are several tried and tested methods that present the information in a way that captures the user’s attention. For example, asking a simple question can make your visitors pay more attention, and the addition of numbers to text can enhance the user experience. Another tactic that is popular for conversion rate optimization is dividing the text

Most people do not like large walls of text, so dividing it into paragraphs can keep the user engaged. When the webpage directly addresses the consumer, it is shown to prompt the user to take an action. For example, a question such as ‘Do you want to take advantage of the sale?’ will receive a better response than a simple sentence. 


A well-designed website will hook your visitors and turn them into potential leads. If a landing page is well-designed, the usability of a website increases multiple fold. Every person is drawn to aesthetically pleasing designs. When your website is designed to navigate the customers through a desired pathway, more and more visitors will be turning into consumers. The combination of color palettes, button placing, background, and display of information should be optimized in a way that the actions you want your users to take are prominent and attractive. For instance, if you are selling a product, the ‘Add to cart’ button should be in a brighter color against a pale background. 

Visitor Segmentation

Visitor segmentation is a technique used by webpages in which customers with common variables are divided into groups or segments. When these groups are analyzed, important data can be uncovered, such as what prompts the people to visit your website, what makes them stay, and what makes them take the desired action. This data can then be used to increase the conversions, revenue, and enhance customer retention. 

visitor segmentation

Visitor segmentation allows you to extract information that is relevant to your user experience and provide actionable data. The ultimate goal is to optimize the webpage in a way that employs authentic and effective digital marketing techniques to generate consumers. But what is the benefit of visitor segmentation if those people are already visiting your website? Well, visitor segmentation provides you with the data that made the customers visit your website in the first place and how you can replicate the process and make a good return on your investment

How To Calculate Conversion Rate?

Every time a user visits your webpage, it’s called a session. If the webpage is optimized, it will prompt the user to make a purchase. Every purchase made is a conversion. For instance, if a consumer visits your website three times, that’s three sessions. These are three opportunities to convert. If that consumer buys your product on two of those visits, those are two successful conversions

Let’s consider an imaginary situation in which a user converted in three out of five sessions. The conversion rate is obtained by: 

                                     3 (no. of conversions)/5 (no. of sessions) = 60% conversion rate

To find out the conversion rate of a website, you divide the total number of orders or conversions on the website and the number of sessions or visitors. If in one month your website was visited by 5000 people, out of which 500 people made purchases, the conversion rate of your website for that month will be: 


But this calculation is for websites that sell a product. If a webpage is selling a monthly subscription service, a user will only be converting once regardless of how many times they visit the webpage. In such cases, the conversion rate is determined by the number of successful orders per month. 

Calcul optimization

What Are The Best Tools For Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization tools help you collect and analyze data about user experience and help you improve how visitors use your website. This data will also help enhance your website layout to convert the maximum number of visitors. The top tools available for conversion rate optimization include: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Optimize
  • VWO Testing
  • Mixpanel
  • UsabilityHub
  • Heap Analytics
  • Hotjar


If you are starting a website, the best way to ensure maximum traffic and increase the number of conversions is to employ conversion rate optimization from the get-go. Many people test out their hunches first, which makes a poor return on investment. By employing CRO tools, your website will make the most conversions and also provide you with the data to improve the user experience even more.

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